• Food science
  • Caffeine from coffee, tea, matcha, mate, guarana and soft drinks – is there any difference?

    Caffeine differences

    There are many natural sources of caffeine. The problem is that it is called by different names. Either because people want to sound more special (especially when advertising their product) or they simply don’t know. Guaranine, theine, and mateine are all the same substance – caffeine – just their source is different: guarana, tea, and […]

  • Unusual Food
  • Chestnut beer experiment

    Chestnut beer

    Beer or similar alcoholic drink (e.g. cider) can be made from anything that contains starch, which is degraded by enzymes to simple sugars during the brewing process. If you consider sources of starch readily available in nature, chestnut is a viable option. It grows in forests all over the temperate climate in the Northern Hemisphere […]

  • Fantasy Food
  • Making the Klingon bloodwine

    Klingon bloodwine

    The next most famous Star trek drink after Romulan ale is Klingon bloodwine. This one is red, thick and it actually looks like wine. As the Romulan ale, it is extremely strong, even poisonous to humans and therefore – naturally – irresistible for the true Star trek fan. It is really interesting that most famous […]

  • Food science
  • Eating sawdust

    Eating sawdust

    While working on my bark bread idea, I had another idea about using the wood as ingredient in the bread. Basically mixing the sawdust into the dough, thereby reducing the caloric value of the bread. Very helpful if you want to lose some weight. From my experience with bark bread I know that this can […]

  • Unusual Food
  • Resin bread experiment

    Resin Bread recipe

    Resin bread: the background One of the interesting side observations in my exploration of bark and lichen bread was a clear menthol like aftertaste noted by some testers. This definitely was something worth a second thought since I also noted the taste and liked it very much. Upon pondering this for a while I came […]