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  • Making the Klingon bloodwine

    Klingon bloodwine

    The next most famous Star trek drink after Romulan ale is Klingon bloodwine. This one is red, thick and it actually looks like wine. As the Romulan ale, it is extremely strong, even poisonous to humans and therefore – naturally – irresistible for the true Star trek fan. It is really interesting that most famous […]

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  • Lembas 2.0


    Although my first attempt at Lembas was – in my opinion – a complete success, it had one major flaw: I made too little of it and there were constant complaints from the testers, that we should test more. So I decided to make another, improved version in greater quantities. Some other minor complaints in […]

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  • Lembas

    Lembas balls

    Lembas background Lembas is probably the most known fictional food. It is a special bread imagined by JRR Tolkien and mentioned in The Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion. Lembas is made by the Elves, shaped into thin cakes, very nutritious, and stays fresh for months when kept unbroken in its original leaf-wrappings. It is […]