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  • Caffeine from coffee, tea, matcha, mate, guarana and soft drinks – is there any difference?

    Caffeine differences

    There are many natural sources of caffeine. The problem is that it is called by different names. Either because people want to sound more special (especially when advertising their product) or they simply don’t know. Guaranine, theine, and mateine are all the same substance – caffeine – just their source is different: guarana, tea, and […]

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  • Eating sawdust

    Eating sawdust

    While working on my bark bread idea, I had another idea about using the wood as ingredient in the bread. Basically mixing the sawdust into the dough, thereby reducing the caloric value of the bread. Very helpful if you want to lose some weight. From my experience with bark bread I know that this can […]

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  • Beer yeast and sugars

    Sugar in home brewed beer.

    Everyone, even a total stranger to beer making, knows that yeast (and other microbes, like bacteria) thrive on sugar. People which are more familiar with beermaking know that starch in barley needs to be broken down to sugars in order for the yeast to ferment it to alcohol. True home brewers even know that some […]