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Hi there. Welcome to my amazing food blog. Do not worry – I am not going to write about things that you will never put in your mouth since they look/smell/feel disgusting. I am not interested in that either. What I am interested in are things that you rarely or never consider to be edible, but they turn out to be surprisingly good and interesting – amazing food. There is a wealth of things out there that we rarely perceive as food, but they do offer an interesting experience or even more than that – a benefit you might not get elsewhere. In my opinion, a healthy diet is a varied diet and by including new things in our diet we benefit not only from sensory and experience viewpoint but also in the sense of general health and well-being.

Amazing food menu

In drafting the concept for this blog (which was many years in the ideation phase), I have come up with three major topics that I will write about and am deeply interested in:

1. Unusual food

These topics will include new and surprising things that are out there and you can taste and enjoy. It will cover everyday things that you never before considered as food as well as things that you never heard of. As two major subtopics, there will be food that you can use to survive in the case all the supermarkets are closed unexpectedly if the zombie apocalypse happens upon us or something in that line of events. Next subtopic will be in the other direction – amazing food that you can prepare and enjoy, or ways in which you can modify your existing meals, while you reduce your daily caloric intake. In other words, one topic will deal in providing nourishment in times of need while other will provide means of losing weight in times of plenty (i.e. most of the developed world nowadays).

2. Fantasy food

We all have different ideas on fantasy food, therefore let me share mine. I will explore food mentioned in works of fiction, try to figure out how to prepare described (or in some cases only vaguely hinted at) dishes or drinks. In the case the described dish is too fantastic, the next best estimate will have to suffice. I will, however, not dab into the food of Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, although some of his descriptions are simply mouthwatering. This is already skillfully done by the experts at the Inn at the Crossroads – you should definitely check their site! And be sure to check my favorite Spiced plums with honey mousse.

3. Food science

Well, this is the place that I will get into real stuff! I will explore scientifically all the interesting questions that I will come across in exploring the worlds of inedible/fantasy food or the question that will pop up in food-related discussions. I will write a mini-reviews of scientific literature on the subject and try to gather and sieve through as many possible sources of information as possible. Naturally, I will scrutinize the sources of the data (you can find anything – literally anything – on the internet) for their credibility as well as the data themselves for plausibility and general common sense. I will try to present the results as clearly and straightforward as possible, for anyone to immediately understand and make use of. Generally, a kind of myth-busting expedition into amazing food-related questions.

Look forward to interesting articles and enjoy!

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