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  • Beer yeast and sugars

    Sugar in home brewed beer.

    Everyone, even a total stranger to beer making, knows that yeast (and other microbes, like bacteria) thrive on sugar. People which are more familiar with beermaking know that starch in barley needs to be broken down to sugars in order for the yeast to ferment it to alcohol. True home brewers even know that some […]

  • Usual Food
  • Sea salt harvest

    Sea Salt Harvest

    First, some background about sea salt harvest. Salt (sodium chloride) is an integral part of our diet, despite its bad reputation in relation to cardiovascular disease – which is, by the way, been questioned. Anyway, salt – in the right amount – is essential for human body and it is THE spice for preparation of […]

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  • Basic beer brewing

    Basic beer brewing at home

    Beer is a favorite refreshment for a lot of people since the ancient times. Basic beer brewing at home and micro breweries are in fashion and everybody is talking about their favorite artisan beer. Beside being a great refreshment and a wonderful drink to discuss important ideas while enjoying it, it is a great way […]

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  • Cold brew coffee

    Cold brew coffee

    Introduction to cold brew coffee Summer is coming. And with it my favourite thing: ice coffee. Granted, the name is universal, but the substance served under this name can span a whole spectrum of appearances. From double espresso poured over ice cubes or long coffee over ice cream with heaps of whipped cream to espresso […]

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  • Wild garlic pesto

    Ever heard of Wild garlic pesto? Real Italian pesto or more precisely pesto Genovese is, as the name suggests, coming from the Italian city of Genoa. It is traditionally made from basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese (parmigiano) and pecorino (cheese made from sheep’s milk), all blended or crushed with olive oil and finally salted […]